George Edward Muir

George Edward Muir

George Edward Muir


George is a renowned Futurist, responsible for igniting ideas, discussion on the practical applications of the digital revolution of business and how artificial intelligence will impact our professional lives in the future.

George spent over 25 years in various roles at IKEA, with a long career in technology development across IKEA, which included the digitization of IKEA in Sweden and the establishment of Enterprise Architecture.

He also worked in the business development areas around Digital Workplace, Human Resources and Business Processes. George helped establish both the Digital Workplace Group and Make IKEA a Great Workplace as process developer of the ‘Visualize the Future Workplace’ process..

Workshop: The Future of Work

As we move onto the impact of AI on jobs, the implicated skills gap and the impact on organizational change, The initial focus of the workshop is the 5th Industrial Revolution.  The workshop describes the history of AI, the future of AI. Ultimately, we raise the question about the future of society and the need for communities.

The workshop will discuss:

  • Using Technology to Engage a Distributed Workforce
  • The change in the way we work
  • The readiness of a digitalized business
  • The way that Digitization drives the humanistic approach in the workplace