Garry Turner

Garry Turner

Garry Turner


Garry Turner is an experienced international sales & marketing professional, chartered member of the CIPD and is driven by his deep-seated purpose to help humanity live a life of purpose, free from fear and with the opportunity to learn every day.

Garry brings his passion to life through focusing on helping awaken the innate brilliance that sits within every individual, leader, and team.  He achieves these transformations through a mix of his own Organisational Design approach, The Listening Organisation, his Value through Vulnerability podcast, a recent FREE Online Summit called ‘Have Courage’ and through sharing his own personal journey of vulnerability and courage.


Keynote: Inter-departmental Partnerships

  • The business case for improved cross-functional working (e.g. move to more remote working / network of teams / increases in loneliness / rise in mental health stats etc) and the impact of tech on all of the above
  • What re-inforces silo walls within todays workplace (fear, short-termism, accountability, perceived lack of time etc)
  • An intro to ‘ACME X’ approach (flipping pyramid) to optimizing inter-dept partnerships
  • The opportunity that sits behind intentional human-centred design (share of example company transformation resulting in + 48% sales an + 42% GM with same people and no M&A)
  • A call to action – what one thing will you do TODAY to improve inter-departmental relationships?


Workshop: Best Practices For Building And Sustaining Employee Advocacy

  • Why is employee advocacy important in 2019 (talent attraction & retention, rise of social media impact – personal & work e.g. glassdoor etc, rise of portfolio career and desire for purpose working on rise)
  • 3 sprint Hackathon covering 1) what would utopian employee advocacy look & feel like 2) what are the barriers today to that utopian view and 3) design a range of interventions that could help increase employee advocacy
  • Open feedback session where each team shares their ideas/interventions and this will be interlaced with case with practices from my experience/network
  • A call to action – what one thing will you do intend to do following this session to help improve employee advocacy

Recent Clients List

IMCD Group BV, IMCD UK, Emerald Publishing, Strategic HR Taskforce