Dr. Silvia Vianello

Dr. Silvia Vianello

Dr. Silvia Vianello


Dr. Silvia Vianello is the award-winning of the Top Middle East Woman Leader Award at the Asian Leadership Awards and got featured in the prestigious Top 100 Forbes Italian Women list 2018.
She has written for and been covered by Sloan Management Review, Forbes, India Today, The Wall Street Journal, The National.ae, The Economist, Millionaire, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Elle, and many others. She also wrote many books related to marketing, new technologies, e-commerce, omnichannel and digital transformation. As well as being “on Sky” host for 4 years, and a TV Show related to innovation and technology, called “Smart& APP-The Technology Show”.

Dr. Vianello is a world-renowned expert in marketing, technology and future vision who’s a regular speaker in corporate and public settings. Such seminars include topics associated with artificial intelligence, robots, blockchain, drones, machine learning, emotional intelligence. As well as some engagements with big organizations like: Intel, HP, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Lenovo, Crowdfunding week, Wurth, Government events, Top Management Forum, Techdata, Salesforce, Nestle’, Netcomm e-commerce forum, Internet Days, Sopra Steria, Engineering SPA, Sisal, Aramex.

She is currently working as a Professor at Hult Business School in addition to the Director of Innovation at SPJain. With a vision to change the businesses’ way of thinking, actions, and operation. Dr. Vianello works with leaders and organizations in nearly every industry to help transform the company’s culture and create a better working world.

Dr. Vianello is also a well-known Instagram luxury and travel Influencer.
Former Managing Director of a consulting company that served Fortune 500 companies as a leading provider of marketing disruptive idea using technology for double-digit growth.
Former Maserati Marketing Director for 24 countries in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania

Keynote: HR Trend in the Digital Era

  • How personal branding is evolving with Artificial Intelligence?
  • what are the jobs of the future?
  • which types of skills candidates should develop?
  • How HR should evolve?
  • What are the new challenges?